Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

How can I book a locker?

Quite simply: On our homepage under "locker rent" you will find all events, where our lockers are offered. Choose your event, choose a locker size and area. Enter your data and book the locker. Finally, you will receive your personal access code for the locker.

And without Internet?

Come to our employees at the truck and ask for a locker. We will gladly help you to book directly at the event!

Does my locker have a power connection?

Yes, all lockers are equipped with power supply: in the lockers size "S" you will find USB sockets and in the lockers size "M" 230V sockets.

What do the individual areas mean when you book your locker?

In order to make it easier for you to choose a locker, we have divided the locker cabinets into three sections:
"below" in a height up to 60cm, "middle" from 60cm to 1.2m and "above" from 1.2m to 2m height.

Where can I find your truck at the event?

On our booking page is for each event a location description with site plan, there you can inform yourself. On site you will find us through our beach flags with the TruckLock logo.

How can I get my locker?

When you book your locker on our website, you will receive an access code for your locker. This code is only valid for your locker at the event. Come to our truck, find your locker and enter the code: Your locker is open to you.

Can I use my locker at any time?

Yes and no. During the opening hours, of course, you have free access to your locker.
But we also have to sleep, so the truck is locked and secured outside opening hours.

I forgot my charging cable, what now?

No problem, we like to lend you one.

How can I find my locker?

At the time of booking you will receive your access code, this code will be visible on the outside of your locker. For orientation there are signs on the truck. Of course, we also help you happy personal. Just ask us!

I can not remember the access code!

Not problem, you can assign your own code. You will receive instructions from us.